Our Services

Technical Due Diligence

Looking to purchase a company, take on a Manufacturing Licence or Franchise or simply import a product? We can help you achieve this.

Is the IP as they say?  We know that many patents are worthless, either invalid or can be bypassed. 

Does the IP actually belong to the business or are you at thread of ransom from key staff? We can help find out the truth.  

Innovation Training & Coaching

Business growth can be accelerated through innovation, however many companies fail to innovate or lack in staff with vision to see beyond what they currently do.

We can inspire, motivate and prod existing design teams to look afresh, to think outside of the box and to innovate.

Innovation requires a "can do spirit" but balanced with moderation based upon what is allowed (Legal constraints), materials and processes.

We can train your staff to innovate and to coach them to gain the essential skills necessary to evaluate the viability of an idea. 

Business Growth & Success

We can help you grow your business through innovation and technological advances. 

We can increase the value of your business through IP and remove the dependancy on others.

Technology Exchanges & Brokering

We can plug the gaps in technology and IP through our brokerage services and can find licences for your valuable IP.